Blan 5.7 2019
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Macabeo and Parellada
11.5% ABV
Catalonia, Spain

Tasting Notes
Aged on its lees in stainless steel for 6 months, this wine presents aromas of stone fruit and bright citrus. Light and refreshing with a silky mouthfeel and notes of mango, apricot, and citrus on the palate.

*You may notice a little sediment in this bottle. It's totally normal and intentional*

Steph Says: Light, crisp, refreshing with a nice textural mouthfeel.

About the Producer
Jordi Llorens is an eighth generation farmer who started making wine in 2008 and commercialised his first natural wines with the 2012 vintage, partly encouraged by his near neighbour in the Conca de Barbera region, Joan Ramon Escoda. Where the wines of Escoda bubble with energy, those of Jordi express a pure calm.

He’s based in Blancafort, a small, quiet, ancient village, off the beaten track, and surrounded by hills and forest in the beautiful Conca de Barbera region 15km from Montblanc.

Jordi’s family have been farmers of vines and other crops like almonds, olives and livestock since 1779. Jordi himself has been involved with a passion in sustainable farming initiatives for many years.

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