Where's Linus? Rosé 2021


Where's Linus? Rosé 2021

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100% Petite Sirah
13.2% ABV
California, USA

Tasting Notes
This rosé is 100% Petite Sirah from the L. Venturi Vineyard in Mendocino County. It's bone dry with bright acidity and deep notes of raspberries, citrus, hibiscus tea and pomegranate.
A bold, complex rosé with subtlety and nuance. The dry-farmed Petite Sirah vines struggled with the drought in 2021 and produced smaller than usual berries with higher skin-to-pulp ratio causing the wine to shown deeper purple hues than one would usually expect from a Rosé. Its seriously deep color is matched with a structure that’s uncommon to the genre which makes this wine a refreshing sipper when chilled, but also is a formidable food wine.

Pair With
Everything from the grill at your next backyard BBQ

About the Producer
Chris Christensen of Bodkin Wines was born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. He never thought winemaking was an actual career path for people who weren’t born into a winery or vineyard until he went on a wine tasting trip to Sonoma during his Junior year at Stanford. Although originally drawn – as Chris himself admits – by the idea that knowing a thing or two about wine might impress girls, Chris’ curiosity with wine quickly turned into a real passion...

And also a real career: although Christensen originally thought he’d just make a couple of harvests for fun before getting a “real” job in banking (which did shortly happen, for about a year), his true calling won out. So here he is, still making wines for both his own brand called Bodkin Wines (named after a battle in the Hundred Years War; Christensen is a huge medieval-history nerd) and companies like Jenny & Francois, that are looking for delicious, approachable wine. 

As an African American vintner, Chris also works to promote diversity and inclusion in the wine industry through speaking engagements, podcasts, and mentorship opportunities for aspiring vintners and winery owners. His work has earned him much kudos, including a place in the Wine Enthusiast's 40 Under 40 industry shakers in 2020. Praised for both his activism and self-taught yet skilled winemaking, Christensen is indisputably one of the figures to watch in the American wine industry.
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